4 – Starleggia

This week’s assignment is black and white landscape, a style which I deeply love. Given the small amount of time in the latest days ( 2 exams in one week) this will be pretty quick.

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3 – Red Mamba

Third week, third project. This time the subject is red, would it be a color, feeling, moment, flower, dress or banana. At first it looked like a very easy subject, just shooting a flower could have been enough, or some fruit like a cherry or strawberry; but what was the meaning of that? I didn’t […]

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2 – No Trespassing

I’m usually a decise person, but on photography that’s not always true. I managed to frame some pictures but finding the “chosen one” was not easy, consequently this update will feature three images.

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I – Press start

It has been a pretty rough week, as for everybody I think. By the way, struggling a  bit I am finally delivering the first picture. I had a couple of ideas for the first task, which was a self portrait, as it is difficult for me to think about getting a portrait of myself explaining something […]

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In undertaking to describe the recent and strange incidents in our town, till lately wrapped in uneventful obscurity, I find myself forced in absence of literary skill to begin my story rather far back, that is to say, with certain biographical details concerning that talented and highly-esteemed gentleman, Stepan Trofimovitch Verhovensky. I trust that these […]

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