In undertaking to describe the recent and strange incidents in our town, till lately wrapped in uneventful obscurity, I find myself forced in absence of literary skill to begin my story rather far back, that is to say, with certain biographical details concerning that talented and highly-esteemed gentleman, Stepan Trofimovitch Verhovensky.
I trust that these details may at least serve as an introduction, while my projected story itself will come later. I will say at once that Stepan Trofimovitch had always filled a particular role among us, that of the progressive patriot, so to say, and he was passionately fond of playing the part—so much so that I really believe he could not have existed without it. Not that I would put him on a level with an actor at a theatre, God forbid, for I really have a respect for him.

Before getting into photography, I encountered watchmaking. Complications and gears always had a strong pull on me because, seen from the outside, all these machineries looks like an impossible maze but upon closer inspection they appear for what they are: a simple ordered sequence of gears. The driving force of this passion was mostly a naive curiosity, but suddenly the attention for details brought me to macro photography, which is largely used in the industry to promote high-end mechanisms.
So my journey started by “borrowing” from my father his Nikon D5000 reflex and experimenting on this tool various handcrafted extension tubes, bellows and unlikely studio setups.

goccia -1
Undropped drop – 2014

While getting my bachelor I worked for a watchmaking company, which partially fulfilled my growing curiosity; then starting my master I had a bit more time to dedicate to my passions. It was about one year ago when I bought my first very own digital camera: a Fujifilm X-T1. It is an amazing camera and I could spend many words praising it, but in my humble opinion it would have been impossible to find a better instrument to get into photography.
I had to set aside macro shooting in the first times, since it was more useful to learn different techniques, compositions, developing etc.

Overwatch – 2015

Now is the time to have a real start in developing this passion and making it a way to express myself; a real commitment is needed and here this project rises.

Roma 14
Roma – 2015

For the next 52 weeks I will try to follow a list of 52 photo projects, and to remind me of that commitment, this site emerges from the internet.

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