I – Press start

It has been a pretty rough week, as for everybody I think.
By the way, struggling a  bit I am finally delivering the first picture.
I had a couple of ideas for the first task, which was a self portrait, as it is difficult for me to think about getting a portrait of myself explaining something about me in so little time.
I had 2 main ideas, the first which was a low-poly portrait: I always loved this technique but photohop and myself are two different roads, since my noobness with the software. I wanted to show a fragmentation as representative of the frammentations I’m in, like exams, thesis, dividing times for passions and duties like a pc can divide data in different folders.
The other one was a headless portrait, don’t want to spend much words in this because I’d like to use this solution for future project, but think about something like Magritte.
As you (or as nobody since this blog is not much visited) will have guessed, the low poly won. With great struggle, swearing and little patience, Here is the result.
It is not exactly what I had in mind, because of the already told struggles with photoshop, but it’s close to what I wanted to do. Quality is not the best one, but hey, that’s my first week.
The Background is a picture taken this week, in a very cold night on top of some mountain close to the Spluga’s pass (Italy).
Hint for the next cold night: use gloves


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