3 – Red Mamba

Third week, third project. This time the subject is red, would it be a color, feeling, moment, flower, dress
or banana.

At first it looked like a very easy subject, just shooting a flower could have been enough, or some fruit like a cherry or strawberry; but what was the meaning of that? I didn’t want to just put some red inside the frame, it wasn’t just about the color, it was more.
Then struggles, because the project turned into something more meaningful, and trying to give a meaning to something not yet done was even more difficult; not talking about trying to make something just to have a more meaningful picture than a red frame.

I won’t lie nor hide anything, googling “red” was my first attempt to gather some inspiration and so I started thinking about doing a red-drop picture, or some oily shot with a reddish background, even freezing some strawberry looked like something cool to do but it was still far from the point.
It’s a stressful time for me (last week I didn’t ever read the story before submitting it to this site), and on tuesday, coming back from campus I just wanted some halo and chill but the idea sparkled in my mind and I had to shoot it.

One of the most dangerous snakes is the black mamba, having watched Tarantino’s Kill Bill in the latest days made that name, black mamba, tumbling in my head. The black one is not the only variety of this species, there’s also a green one, which is still poisonous and unexpectedly green. Red mambas don’t exist yet, unless you mean Matt Bonner, but he’s no snake.
I wanted, to create a silhouette, a shadow, or something recalling a snake, and having it in a red color. Pretty simple, but this wasn’t enough for me, snakes are elusive, they creep on the ground hiding in the terrain and flora. For a red mamba I was figuring a tropical forest, or some underwood, maybe with some flowers.


Since, hey, I just got a macro lens!
That was the incipit. I cut off a petal from my cyclamen, placed it on my ipad, sparkled with one drop of water and made this; let me introduce you the Red Mamba

Red Mamba_2
Red Mamba


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