6 – Cheesecandy ahoy!

Every Picture Tells a Story” sang Rod Stewart, and I would add, every great picture tells a great story. This may sound as a naive addon, but think about a story and then at a great story. Done? What’s the difference?
In my humble opinion, greatness is achieved when the human condition is told –(Boldness enhances the seriety)- which may come in different ways. Even the definition of this condition should take much more space than just a simple update on this blog.
By the way I’ll try to condense what I’m talking about, which is basically our fragility, our spectrum of feelings ranging from love to hate, hunger to satiety, fear to courage.
A landscape, for example, can make you feel small compared to the greatness of a mountain, or you could feel overwhelmed by the inspiring feeling of courage brought through some picture of people climbing the highest peaks, and the picture of some dark reef may give you goosebumps due to fear. I hope my point of view will be a bit clearer now.

Last week, as you may –or may not- have noticed there has been no update, this is because of some bad cold I got from God knows where, probably some stress related thing, but now it’s gone and I’m back on track. (Don’t panic, I’ll catch up with the missing subject)

To continue this project, I’ll use this week’s subject in order to tell a story. Let me introduce you

The history of Danny boy, and his quest for the Cheesecandy

This adventure, as of many adventures, starts with a dreaming person.
Our dreamer is called Danny, and since he’s a man in the blossom of his lifetime, we’ll limit ourselves to call him “Danny boy”.
Many knew this guy because of his ability as swordsman, few because of his mastery of sailing, but nobody had any idea of what his ambitions were.

But before diving into this story, let me at least show you our hero.

Danny boy.jpg

As the most observants of you will have already noticed, he’s a pirate (ahoy!).

We could now refer as him as a Conrad-style sailor because of his secret ambitions, but saying pirate will give a better feel of adventure, which is what comes next.
During his early years, Danny sailed with the most dangerous scums in the seven seas, names which are so rude that even writing them shakes me off.

Right in one of these raids, while slaying for the sake of glory and gold, our hero discovered his inner purpose. His sword was shining red for the spilled blood, knees were strong but the fatigue of fighting was rising and a shelter for the fight was needed; our boy decided to run up to the cockpit of the assaulted vessel and take cover for a minute, and then he found it.
It was crumpled, scarred, wetted and bleached; but as he saw it, his heart started pumping blood like never before. Just the tip was enough to desume what he was looking at, The map. Fast as only a flash can be, he took it and folded into his trousers. When the skirmish was over and the blood dried, he hopped off the ship, and started his quest.
The drawing was clear, and on the backside only one word was written: “Cheesecandy”.

Every child hears the story of the Cheesecandy: a mythical cheeseburger made of candy, full enough of stabilizers and additives that it could have been lasting since the beginning of time, a burger made of candified meat, bread, lattuce and cheese; so sweet that anybody would have wanted to eat it.

Danny map.jpg
Danny and his map

We’re talking about a rookie, without any big money nor budget, so our hero had to start with just a kayak and his dream. He went to the closest shipowner and bought the cheapest canoe available, there comes the “Ruby Mary” as Danny called it.

Danny Kayak.jpg
Danny and the Ruby Mary

Given his background of master swordsman, you can easily imagine how quickly he managed to collect some bounties and gold enough to step up his equipment.
The Cheesecandy was on the most dangerous part of the seas, and a simple kayak wasn’t safe enough to sail in these waters, not even for our hero.

Fortune turned her face to him, and after a series of lucky coincidences (for which we mean a series of rich now-dead bastards) the budget was high enough to reach the “Sea Mamba”.

Danny Boat.jpg
Danny and the Sea Mamba

Easy to say, our boy made his way quickly to the treasure, and found it in a couple of days given his background with the best (or worst) pirates on the scene.

It was in his hands now, deliciousness at its finest, the american dream before America was even a thing and moreover, the crowning of every child’s dream. Little did he know about the real power of the Cheesecandy, and Danny was too naive to even have figured it out already. But try now to think about it for a second, food so delicious to have legendary maps pointing to it, present in so many sea ballads since the beginning of pirates, something’s not working out correctly…

Danny Cheesecandy.jpg
Danny and the Cheesecandy (notice his happiness)

Indeed there was an untold story regarding the fare this deliciousness was bringing within, it regenerated during night.


When he discovered this power, Danny was overwhelmed by the supposed beauty of this phenomenon, “I won’t eat anything else for the rest of my life”. Screw the hell, he said it right. Days passed, and he kept sailing the seven seas, alone for the fear of losing the Cheesecandy, and kept living his life for the purpose of eating the exquisite meal another time, and another time again, and again, and again.

Until life itself lost every other meaning apart eating the Cheesecandy.
What started as an adventure became the solitary delirium of a man scared by the fear of losing the only meaningful thing to him. Danny stopped caring about the route and lost himself in the most dangerous waters, surrounded by voraceous sharks attracted by the sweetness of the cursed meal.
We only have one last picture of our hero, which turned out to be the last one ever of him alive.

Danny dead_1.jpg
Cheesecandy and sharks

Never let a Cheesecandy chew your life



It has been a very fun project to make, took a bit longer than how much I whished but when I was shooting I had the idea of telling a story and try to make it funny.
You can see this story as a placeholder to keep some Lego® pictures together, or you can see it as a parallel with addictions and always holding your shits together.
The background of the last shot is from a picture took this summer in Austria, if you could hide the front layer you could see a deformed duck lying behind our beloved Danny, long live the quack queen.
Also, this small project showed me how much of the child I was is left in me, playing with Lego® is always a lot of fun (please don’t sue me).

On a personal note, I should need to learn some fusion tricks with photoshop, and the late discovery of Helicon software is pure sweet, it’s an amazing software for focus stacking.


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