8 -Essentialism

This week’s assignment regarded wide lenses and panoramas, although I started working on it in the right direction, I lost myself in the way and ended up experimenting something new that I’ve always been fascinated to, motion-blurred landscapes.

The idea is pretty simple, having a panoramic picture you just apply some motion blur and what you get is a sort of essential,  color pallette of the whole picture.
But that wasn’t really the main subject of the week, so, time-accordingly that’s what I did:

Since I’m trapped between the uni bunker and my books for the exam session, getting the panorama I was looking for was impossible, hence scrapping with the previous snaps was again the solution.

I rediscovered some of my first shots with a dslr, it was a glorious Nikon D5000, which honorably served her purpose in the widest set of environmental conditions (snow,rain,moisture,dust…), then looking again at some of the most recent photos I wanted to give a try at re-developing a cloudy shot of a flying something, and I ended up with this.


It is enough pano, maybe even too much but I really like the sense of directionality that the silhouette of the bird gives to the frame. Also the picture is a bit grainy and this gives a sort of mistery feeling because you can’t recognize the species of the bird (if you can just don’t disclose that to others, please) and also the clouds have this smooth shape. Anyway, I liked this, but was not enough satisfied.
Add to this feeling that I’m struggling in the studies and you get why I decided to dig a bit more and try something new.


As said before, I rediscovered my first snaps, and this in particular is one of my favourite ones.

lago -1 - pure
Youthful sin I

The picture is one of my first (maybe even The first) picture taken with a long exposure, I was pretty naive with it, and as you can see it is grainy because I ended up using a high iso, and the colors are kinda oversaturated; but hey, it was one of my first takes on the subject.
It has been shot on the shore of Como’s lake, in the city of Como, close to the stadium. You have a great view of the Como’s branch and the view is really amazing because of the many lights shining on the mountains in the background, which confuses with the stars as your sight goes farther.
the composition is even satisfying, and the many lights gave me the input to test the method of motion blur on this picture. Here’s the result.

lago -1 - blur 3
Essentialism I

Being sincere, I love this. Not only the picture but the feeling that transmits. The important thing is no more the detail, you don’t see houses anymore, nor you see any specific light, but everything is still there, you still can see the colors, you still see the midline that separates the real city from the reflected one; it has been reduced to the first thing that you’ll notice, colors.
I like to shoot black and white because in that way you can put the focus on the most important things just by separating them from the dark, this is a step further but in anther direction, now there is no more shape (as one can intend shape, as a crystalline confinement of something) ; only colors are still present and they describe the feelings this picture carries.

Anyway I decided to go on and keep working with this style, so I reached the pictures I took in Amsterdam during 2015, and came across this one.


The city is Zaanse Schans (had to google the correct name), it is a famous place because of the windmills and because when you hop off the train you’ll feel a solid scent of chocolat.

The motion-blurred version of this picture is indeed one of the best one I got so far.

Cioccotown - blur 1
Essentialism III

I know this may be hard to digest, or that the style itself may sound a bit mad, but try to see the picture as a description of something, not a scientific description of some phenomena, but as a feelingful description of a moment.

Last but not least, I worked on one of my favourite shots, which you saw last week.

Gianetti Overwatch Monochrome-2-blurred

As you can see there are some differencies from the previous images, this one is not fully blurred ans has been divided in three layers, the silhouette which is still in shape with its regular contours, the rocks on the close range which resembles a stair and have been blurred a bit, and finally the far field which has been blurred like the previous pictures.

What I like of this last expression of the technique is that the focus is now concentrated on the figure, and the rest of the frame is blurred at diffenent levels, and the sense of vastness is in my humble opinion enhanced.

There are probably some typos etc, but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway.
Next week: shadows!


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