Introducing “Wounds”

So, hi.
It has been a while since the last strong update, but I’m back with two great news.The first big thing (which is directly connected with the next one), is about my summer plans; I have decided to get in some adventure with a friend and so I’m going to Iceland. The fixed points of this trip up to date are just a couple: we have a plane, we have a car, and we want to breath.

So you can expect some serious icelandic turn in the next months, which means more training on landscaping and wide-angle portraits, which will be the main subjects of the trip (still, up to date). There are some things which I still have to manage, talking about photography-related things like the gear I’ll be carrying around, but I’ll fix this asap and maybe there will be some gearporn article. I also have somehow received some requests to write about this future trip and the related preparation on other spaces, and ‘ll try to link them here so that it will be available also for the few following this blog.

The second thing, well, that’s probably the biggest step (photography-talking). I had this idea in my mind since some months, and the lastes choices on my summer pushed me to the edge of what could be considered my first “work” of photography.

I don’t like my city, I don’t like crowded places in general, I hate the idea of cruising around my destination hoping for some free parking, and I feel this tightness of spaces as something which the city itself shares with me. Now the most introspective part starts, so feel free to jump to the end of this post. 
What I see in this city, is the city itself screaming for its freedom; howling to the blowing wind and trying to explode under the thick layer of paint and concrete that has been poured above her in the years. And in contrast to this vision I see the open spaces of nature, the uncontaminated places where fresh air is not something strange and where life goes on with its right timing.

Due to this vision the idea of Wounds popped up in my head, I wanted to tell this story, and explain this feeling; and I only have photography as a medium to express this. The pictures belonging to this project will firstly be rearranged in sub-categories, today you’ll see one from the category “bleed” and one from the category “sight”; when this work will have more spine and more shape, the final structure will be more clear (hopefully)

Quoting Titarenko, “the city is a novel”, and this is the story I’ll be telling in the next period.

Extremely low res pictures incoming

Wounds – Untitled from Bleed
Wounds – Untitled from  Sight

this last one doesn’t belong to the “Wounds” series, but it’s a snap from today, just because the initial idea is always about having a weekly picture.

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