9 – Vernacular

I’ve been messing around with some soviet-era medium format camera, a fantastic Lubitel 166b. And there’s a bit of a great news too.First of all, this update.

Don’t want to whine about how hard it is to keep this blog updated every week, and not to fall in the frenzy of “creating” content, etc. But it’s hard.
Anyway, following the last update, in which I told you about the idea behind Wounds, and the icelandic adventure, I wrote for an italian photography site something about how to keep a backup of your pictures even when travelling in some uneasy places, like some parts of Iceland can be. Here’s the link to that post, it’s of course in italian, but you can just check at the end how I’m gonna backup my files while discovering the island.

Now on the hardest part, what did I do in this week to catch up with photography?
Well, not very much. Apart having my first roll of medium format being developed and working on the photography course I’m taking (this, it’s free).

This first roll is pure vernacular photography (which is a complex word to say that basically, I’m taking these pictures for myself), but I’d like to share some of these first messes with you.

Senza titolo-7
Senza titolo-8

That’s from the same time of “No trespassing“, and the same awesome model.

Senza titolo-9
Crumb I


Wounds is becoming more real day by day, a couple of pictures from that series follows. Remember the idea behind these images while looking at them, go beyond the paint , rust and concrete.

Wounds – Untitled from Bleed
Wound 3
Wounds – Untitled from Bleed


That’s all (for this week) folks


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