Polling out from the comfort zone

Or how I am trying to step out from my canonical subjects and bursting some self-confidence with photography. And a bunchload of pictures.

This update is coming out at the end of the week, so it’s still on time for the weekly-deadline; don’t freak out (I know there’s no risk about it).

As you saw I’m not really into people’s photography, even tho I am very passionate about it. Masters of this topic like Nicholas Nixon, Tina Barney, Darcy Padilla (check her project “Family love”) shares the ability to get close to their subject, not only closing the physical distances, but also settling a more comfortable situation.

I started my journey into photography with macros and landscapes; which always got me some fun because these two categories are likely to be on the very opposite sides of the same dice, but I felt safe to be on these borders. Closing the gap has never been easy but in order to experiment something outside my comfort zone I had to dive into people, and that suddenly happened this summer and yesterday (or this early morning if you prefer).

It all started last year, in summer. A friend of mine is the bassist in an italian-classics inspired punk rock band, The Polling. They make some damn good music, and their concerts are always pure fun, music and dance. We were having a beer during an hawaian themed summer night party and he just dropped the offering.
“Would you mind coming to our next concert taking some pictures?”
“Yay, sure.” panic

It was my first time with someone actually “requesting” me to take some shots, before that I was the one asking for a picture to some people (rare event, but still). The request sounded as a change in the matrix (like a déjà vu) but I had to carry it out, it was my first attempt to walk outside my comfort zone.

It went pretty good, as a first timer.
The place was an open space in a public park, with the concert held on a stage in front of some XIIX century building, at evening ‘til night. I carried my x-t1 and equipped it with a 12mm f2.0 manual samyang lens, and my father’s old 50mm f1.8 zuiko lens, still manual. Came to the place like three hours before the concert and walked around the stage to get more confidence, learn the spaces and think about some possible compositions. After the initial stiffness it all went pretty well, the 12mm lasted for the first 75% of the performance, and the remaining part was covered by the 50mm as more people gathered on the front grids. Here are my favourite results from that time.

The polling – Live @Parco Tittoni. Summer 2015
The Polling – Live @Parco Tittoni. Summer 2015


The Polling – Live @Parco Tittoni. Summer 2015

This last picture is my favorite, I like this sort of gradient of light, and the concentration of light only on the performer, shining in the darkness (that’s deep). It feels like you can actually have a spacing of the song going out of his throat.

Felt good, and honestly I loved taking these pictures. Last week, Damiano (the bassist) asked me to repeat the thing, in a different situation, the band’s 10th anniversary.

The party this time was in an closed space, the clubhouse Tambourine. Not enough space to roam around, no possibility to get enough far and more contact with people; sounded tough but gave it a shot. I’m already at 500 and more words, so here are the pictures

Polling 2016 03 26-44
The Polling – Live @Tambourine. Spring 2016
Polling 2016 03 26-43
The Polling – Live @Tambourine. Spring 2016
Polling 2016 03 26-45
The Polling – Live @Tambourine. Spring 2016
Polling 2016 03 26-54
The Polling – Live @Tambourine. Spring 2016
Polling 2016 03 26-49
The Polling – Live @Tambourine. Spring 2016
Polling 2016 03 26-59
The Polling – Live @Tambourine. Spring 2016
Polling 2016 03 26-60
The Polling – Live @Tambourine. Spring 2016

Few words, I swear. Didn’t move much during their performance, but lights were kinda good from where I was so it didn’t feel so bad. I decided to push more on the postprocessing, jumping into some acid saturated lights to have the tungsten effect on 3rd and 4th picures. I’m kinda sorry for the drummer, since he was always behind the frontman and lights were dim, got few pictures of him but there was so much potential.

Cheers, and check the group!

Oh, and a last but not least thing: Google’s Nik collection is now free! Go get it here.


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