Looking-Glass House

Long time no see, time to update!Shooting with means in the last week has been pretty rough, but anyway I wanted to keep this place alive with a lone and single shot which in my vision represent the lab. I’ve been working in since more than a year (read the struggle between the lines). I won’t name the lab, since it could be a quick way to trace this site, which I don’t want; since this is my place for photography and in order to keep it “pure” -for whatever meaning pure may have in this context- I like to keep it off the radars as much as possible.

Looking-Glass House

Looking-glass house is the first chapter of Lewis Carrol’s “Through the Looking-Glass”, the follow up of the most well known Alice in Wonderland. This place looked like a playground from the outside, but revealed to be the mirrored-up image from the inside, thus the title.

I liked the reflection in the dirty window, the somehow symmetrical arrangement of the reflected buildings and the gradient of light, going from light to dark approaching the interior. I know the geometry of this place, but trying to wear your shoes it oculd be difficult to get at least the direction we’re looking through, so here’s to explain. The reflection happens on the outside side of a window opening in the inside of the lab, there are two windows and you can have a glimplse of the view outside the second one in the bottom part of the image, where the stair shows up, and also the brighter part in its top is a see-through of the second window. Another thing I like is indeed the stair, even tho it is badly cutted.

I’m concerned with the last exam of my MSc, lot of stress coming in, but can’t wait to close this page and just keep on wandering.


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