A brief history of peeking Tom

This is the story of Tom, a motherfucking pidgeon with a lot of curiosity

Time flies when you see nothing else than a pc, kinda sorry for the delay, but I’m closing on graduation and the thesis won’t write itself (unfortunately). But I’m not dead, yet. Today I’ll update you with a telly post, so let me introduce you to the king of the stormshitters, Tom.

Peeking Tom-Signed
Peeking Tom

It ain’t easy to be a pidgeon, and indeed Tom knows it, that’s probably why he’s no pidgeon, but a dove (sort of, he’s a Columba palumbus. Seriously, check it). 

Tom has no thesis to write, no job to keep, and sure as hell he’s not preparing any midterm; consequently his agenda is frequently busied by empty time, but this bird is not a timewaster and keeps himself in shape by flying around, patroling his nest.

The best position for which he can get a clear view on his territory is from the edge of my balcony, here he can check the yard AND the trees in which he’s addressed. And in all this chill and awe generated by chechink his places he uses my spaces as his royal toilet. I used to kinda hate him because of this, but suddenly in the last days something happened.

While I was staring at him in anger and disappointment, he just turned his head and suggested me to waste less time on finding a way to kill him (not even Briciola, my dog, was able to scare him to death) and dedicate myself more on preparing the voyage to Iceland and study some more postprocessing workflows and things like that.

That hell of a bird was right, and so I checked my inventory, decided to rearrange (i.e. sell what was not needed) and get a wheater resistant lens along with a polarizing filter. Also, I turned my head on editing, and studied some of these.

Here are some results, there’s also an old picture, which I discarded when I took it and today I re-evaluated, that’s really a good result imho.

Peeking Tom-3

Working on editing, diving a severe tone to clouds is probably one of the first steps, this is simply a cloud, but the light on it was intresting, and I decided to underline the splitting of tone between the illuminated part and the darker one. Turned out well for what I was hoping for.

Peeking Tom-6
Tom, peeping

Again, that dove-ish thing was keeping an eye on the improvements, so he became a testing field. I like the sorrow look and the mixed tonalities of the stormy clouds in the background (Tom was shitting himself knowing about the upcoming storm)

Peeking Tom-7

Water, getting its way through some rocks.

Peeking Tom-9
Gianetti reloaded

This last picture is the old one. It was taken somewhat around one year ago, with a 12mm. The basic idea was to catch a good timelapse with firing reds on the disappearing clouds, but they kust disappeared without any significant reddish tone, also, it was kinda cold. But I decided to test some editing tips on this last picture, wanting to work on the colors of the mountains, on the sky and on the clouds; basically, on the picture.

That’s it, for now. No doves nor any other animals were harmed during the making of this post.

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