Tender is the night

Got a couple of days off, and went up to the mountains.

Hey all, as you surely know, this years Wikimania will be held in Esino Lario. An easily accessible town in the alps surrounding the lake of Como.

I got there with the usual sweet model that keeps following me in my detours, and visited the historical districts for the first day, while hiking on the alps the next one.I brought with me the gear I’ll be carrying this summer in Iceland, and gave it an on the road shot to understand the required tweaks and test it in the harsh alpine environment.

As well as my beloved fuji, I brought a sweet 35mm analog camera, its roll is at the moment under development, so expect to see some of it in the next update. I shot most of the urban part with that camera, so now you’ll only see some landscapes, some really huge ones, so just to give you an idea on the real size of these pictures, here’s a 100% crop of the coloured one, which is also the smallest one and composed of only 4 pictures, while the black and white one is made of 8.

100x100 crop
That’s just a crop, a helluva

Now that you have this scale in your mind, let’s make it sediment and let’s move to smaller pictures.

Esino 2016 1-6-signed
Tender is the night

This one, is a view of Menaggio, as seen from Esino Lario. This is a part of the view from the house I’ve been spending my summers when I was a child, with my granny and auntie watching circuses on television. It is pure calmness, the sun is just below the crests, and a pale blue is becoming darker as the city becomes more and more vibrant of lights. A spared fog arises covering the city, and then, it is night.


Esino 2016 1-11-signed
Porta di Prada

Going forward to some more tiresome pictures, this is the “Porta di Prada”, a probable residual of the original caves from which these mountains arised. To get there, it’s just an hour of hiking and the beauty of the view pays for the sweat. There’s a family picture of this place hanging in my house, it was shot way before I was born, but I grew up fascinated by this place, and so that’s the reason for my love for the location.

Esino 2016 1-17-signed
Alpine crests from Porta di Prada

That day we got a clear sky, and we hiked in the morning to get the most of it, but after about 10am some clouds started to appear, but they managed to become an intresting part of the widest panorama I’ve ever made, here in a supercompressed version

Esino 2016 1-19-signed
Panorama from Bietti-Buzzi refuge

Now, have you still in your mind the 100% crop of few lines above? well, this picture is even bigger. You’ll need a brand new wall to hang this, sweetheart.

Esino 2016 1-22-signed

This one is just to show off the capabilities of the lens, that’s the fucking moon! Suck on this Galileo.

Esino 2016 1-23-signed

Lastly, another view from the house, to conclude with a bittersweet taste.

And now, some photography related rants thoughts.

We have the luck of living in the digital era, an despite not having any kodachrome left, we have the possibility to store a lot of “informations” with our pictures. I was scribbling through some olf photos last week, and saw how differently two identical starting pictures can turn out in just some months. Not to consider the editing progressions (if there are any), but regarding the idea for which a picture is postprocessed it can change a lot just in a short amount of time. The same picture will tell a different story or maybe it will depict the same one, but with different highlights and I think this is just amazing, we’re not only saving an istant of light for us to remember it in the future, we keep it to revisit it again and look at it with different eyes.

You may think, from these few lines, that this is a naive point of view, but in my humble opinion this is just what photography is, a curious look demanding to be kept.


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