New guests, and old friends

Some new guests have arrived at peeking Tom’s playground, and some old rusty machinery got out of the closet to scan some 35mm film.

Sup! don’t be lazy, the night update is coming!

Bri Portra 1 160-1-signed
Lazy Crumb

As I told you last week, the first roll of portra 160 was under development, and I retrieved it yesterday. But shame on the lab, they don’t scan films anymore, so I had to scan it by myself using an oldie from 2008, citing “High quality 5MPx resolution”. As you can see from the upper Crumb, she’s not really high quality, not only in the resolution but also on the chromatic reproduction. The scanner has an automatic exposition and colour metering and the exposimeter is kinda shameful, so I retrieved strangely coloured pictures. It is for sure a defect of the scanner and I’ll try to fix this issue (i.e. find another scanner or find someone who can scan it at a reasonable price).

Gattoi Portra 1 160-1-signed
Le chat in bleu

Resolution is so messy, you can only see the eyes of the cat in the unresized picture, and even in this case they are only two small yellow pixels. But this up here was taken in Esino, in the historical part of the town, where stray cats are the real inhabitants of the district.

Rough neighbors

New folks came to visit my city. Should say that these are not really new faces since it’s been three years since they started to come here from june to september, but one never knows. As you can see, they are kinda rough folks, they move in flocks and mob the everyday citizens of the park, screaming and tweeting since 6 a.m.


This squared picture is my second favorite from the batch taken in the last mornings, the sense of movement, the spread of the wings and the non-focused birds are the reasons for which I like it.
Notice the signature here, I really had no other idea on how to sign this making it really visible. Not the best solution (a redesign of the signature may be on its way), but it works.


Well, this one is my chosen one. I had really no satisfying title for it, because the sense which this picture gives me is not much explainable (or maybe it would just take some more time to elaborate). If you could watch the picture at 100% resolution, you could see that despite being slightly out of focus,the bird’s looking at the camera (which in this case, becomes the one looking at the picture, thus, you). The plain (but not desert) background, with soft clouds, and the contrast between the white atmosphere and the dark parrot, with also the sharp geometry made by the flapping, are the things I love about this frame.


Lastly, a blue baloon, heading to the blue sky, in front of a blueish gallery, in Milan (which is no blue)

Portra 1 160-1-signed
Blue in Blue

Good night!


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