Of Gods and Goats

Just recovered from the adventure which left me in awe for the beauty I witnessed. There is so much to be told, and so much pictures to backup!

I should write this entry to fix the recent memories in my mind and in the internet. So many things happened, and I witnessed so much beauty that there’s the risk of forgetting about some of this, and I don’t even know where to start from.

Randomly, the night in the car, Reykjavik’s graffiti, Pingvellir with oxararfoss, the church, the island in the middle of the lake; the nigh in Laugarvatn, Geysir Stokkur, Gulfoss and the glacier in the background (Langjokull), Borgarnes and the yellow spy of the car, Skuggafoss (not the fall you’re looking for), Budir’s black curch, Arnastapi with its fish nd chips (and no showering), Stapafell and its “Spirit”, the cliffs, Snaefellsjokull (or mount Doom), Onverdarnes’ cliffs,  the random volcano before Olafsvik, Kirkjuffel (missed the first time), the first graveled road,  the great spaces, Hvammstangi with the hanged fish and the (unseen) seals, the yellow house, the pool in every city, the kids playing, the horses and goats, Tikka and her little ower, mossed houses and the missing lighthouse of Saudarkrokur, Akureyri, Godafoss (where I sacrificed a goddamned screw), Myvatn with its wind, birds, Hverfjall volcano with the highest windspeed in records, Grjotagja (Jon Snow recalls it), Hverir and the rotten eggs, Husavik with the female soccer game and the french, the rally in Jokulsargljufur (i re-gogled the name), Dettifoss and Selfoss, the cosmic nothing with howling winds, angry goats, Egilsstadir with Pizza and weirdos, the freezing night in tent, the green pea hut (which stole our kronas), svartafjall’s tunnel and the saddestNeskaupstadur, Dyrfjoll’s lamburgers, Puffins(!), Litlanessfoss and the trek, Lagarfljot’s lake monster, the black sand coasts, Hofn (unpronounceable), the black cliffs and the first rains, Hoffellsjokull and the “difficult” road, Jokulsarlon, the icebergs, sterns and seals, Svartifoss, the green (and foggy) moss of Myrdalssandur, Vik’s cliff, the fallen Douglas DC-3 plane, Skogafoss and the trekking, Seljavellir (absolutely amazing), Selfoss (and the bitches), Hvitanes (WWII docking station), the Blue lagoon, dehydrated foods, essiccated fishes, biscuits-dinners, humidity, The Chevy, and so, so much more..

Each one of these things contains a story, sometimes few pictures, and to tell it all it will take some time. But we are in no hurry!

I’m actually backing up the 7000 and counting files to my dropbox, it’s taking literally 3 days. In the meantine, here are few pictures, straight out the camera.

Reykjavik I
Cliffs in Onverdarnes
Fishing on the pier of Hvammstangi
Saudarkrokur I
“Goddamned” Godafoss
Selfportrait at Godafoss
Hverir I
Peek-a-bo Puffin
“There is no finish line”



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