Expect some turbulence

Hazy, dark, wet and cloudy days have passed; had to find some sunrays from the inside.

We left at the beginning of the month, and are now catching back almost at the end of it. Throughout this time I basically had to deal with finding my own spaces and times accounting for the new job, it’s not easy being hard to die.

As I probably forgot to mention, in recent months I got closer to bouldering and general indoor climbing, owing to the closeness of a training space close to the company for which I’m working this has become my main physical relief and has proven very useful in these starting weeks.

Setting the alarm has been the toughest part of the process tho, after the firs trials the chosen time s 6.20 a.m., in order to avoid junk jams on the highway and preserve some mental integrity until the complete wake, but this choice kinda shorten the night hours.

There are also some opportunities to travel within the job duties, so I’ve been to Germany last week and felt the need to carry some camera to have a tool for expressing and recording these moments. Bringing the usual X.T1 could have been a solution, since it’s rough, kinda compact and very reliable; but it also needed to be even more compact, up to pocket-sized.

Keepin’ the faith in the good ol’ fuji, I chose the X100T.

Hell if I’m loving that piece of glass. It literally stays in the coat pocket, and the fixed lens carries away all the stress related to the choice of the lens. It’s a 20mm f2.0 on aps-c, no possibilities to change it (unless you want to buy some very big extension, which will still grant you just a bunch of mm more and less in exchange for some hundreds of bucks. Seriously, that’s not an option). Moreover, the optical viewfinder is something exceptional, not only the quality is a top tier with Leica ones, it’s also hybrid, meaning you can actually switch it to a regular electronic viewfinder, or adding a small lcd window in the corner of the eyespace to show a small portion of the picture (amazing for manual focusing and direct exposure observation).

So today you’re about to see the first pictures taken with that camera, purely vernacular, sometimes out of focus, and generally meaningful only (or mostly) for myself.



This was literally the first picture taken outside with that camera, it’s out of focus and it wasn’t expected to be so, but it was set accidentally on manual focus, and the result turned pretty neat.

Popular nights

The overcrowded streets of my town are perfect for testing night-performances.


A special assistant walked me throughout the night to chase the light cat.


Some minor streets are sweet at night, with lonely windows lighted as beacons in the night. During day the ol’ ladies watch for their friends from these spots, chatting from their houses to the streets, creating the warm background of the town.


Inheritances like these are the skeletal structure of the city. The name of the bar could be translated as “veteran’s gathering” and hosts also a museum with memorabilia from WWI and WWII.


Such compact camera helps in taking some regular picture of everyday moments, like the sleeping dog. It happened to be the exact moment when my parents decided to ring the bell, waking her up giving me this incredibly dumb (but sweet) picture of Crumb waking up and throwing herself to the door, apparently stretching also her tongue.

Industry 1.0

Local family-owned workshops are common, and are usually a long handed down from father to son.


Over for this update! Hopefully, the incoming vacation (in Milan we’re about to have a half week of vacation) will gift more time for shooting., and talking about time even if it’s not yet that time, I can’t avoid thinking about the beginning of this project.

Firstly as a game-like reminder of shooting, evolving later on into something else. Even if there isn’t a definition of what this blog is about, yet, I like to think about it as a sort of personal memorandum, spreaded to the world with pictures to tell some stories and compensate for the lack of written expressive skills. Sometimes these are my stories (adventures, thoughts, pieces of my path), and sometimes these are similar to photographic exercises.
So what is it going to be when we’ll reach the goal of 365 days since incipit? This site and what it represents has become more and more a way for me to have some checkpoints, and even if the initial purpose will be satisfied, I don’t feel like letting it go.

Personal identity, in this latter vision of the project, will so become a matter of serious discussion, but still, it’s not yet time.





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