My baby black

Lighter and essential, shooting with the newborn is a completely new level of photography. And gave me back some freshman chills.

We left almost three weeks ago, and despite you may have started wondering wether I was still alive or not, I caught back with some shooting! The new toy is so compact it can fit in the pocket, and so it has become a viable companion for everyday life. The title of this entry is inspired by “my baby blue“, which is a sad song (or at least a sorry song) but is used in the series breaking bad as closing song, to tie up the bond between walter and his creation.

Fuji has surprised me in the past, and so I gave them some trust jumping on this compact, and it pays back. The only limit I see is the shallow focus at hyperfocal, which makes he camera not the best one for ladscaping, but delivers some razor sharp pictures in the medium-close distances (not macro). But that’s not all about the camera!


ANd indeed that’s not the same camera,but just a smartphone camera! Of course, the resolution and sharpness intended as overall quality of the picture, are both pretty low (zoom in to lose the magic). This picture comes from a while back, when I was globetrotting for the job, I had some nap-feeling and had to stop by the road. Probably just the simmetry or the simple contrast between the well oriented road and the irregular sky made me wake up. I wanted to capture some further contrast, and started taking pictures of cars travelling in the opposite directions, trying to frame a sort of collision, but it was still not enough. Then this carrier came, and despite the van passing on the left, the result is quite good. I like how the central van makes some confusion in determining wether the sense of the road is from left or from right, as if just by blazing it couldn’t be possible to determine the sense of a road.

Industrial morning

This one comes from my morning travel, to reach the corporate. There’s this bridge from where you can have a glance at the surroundings, and the only thing you can see is asphalt and roads, with jams and hurry. Somehow, someone wants to live by these streets; the two buildings with roofs resembling industrial chimneys soar the sky and the morning traffic still goes by.

Delitto di paese

Walking the dog I came across a freshly re-painted street. This leaf should have had a very bad day when it got painted and ripped. the silhouette reminded me of a crime scene, from which the song Delitto di paese, made by Fabrizio De Andrè came to my mind and titled the picture.


She likes to nap all day round in this season, a compact helps in documenting everyday situations in quite a better way than a smartphone.


The basket appeared in this parking after a windy day, and stood there for almost a week before another breath of wind whispered to him another place to go.

This is an error

Or it is not. In this picture I was trying to capture Livigno, a (once) small town at the swiss border (but still in Italy even tho they have some special jurisdiction).


You could assume the place was fully covered by the snow from this picture, but truth is only on top of the mountains a thin veil of snow was present. Below 2000m also the ski routes were dried and lived only with artificial snow.


The surreal scenario was both depressing for the lack of snow and beautiful for the brownish color of the terrain.


Someone was disappointed by the lack of snow and decided to climb in search of some, but only found frozen rivers.

House on the hill

Clear ski was a pain in the ass for tourists (since no snow equals no ski or anything related), anf the Christmas atmosphere was there only because of the stereoed jingles and led strip lights. But would you wonder, how sad it could be if it was all in the appearance?

Double exposure of mess

Testing the toy I also invented some sort of double exposure, having a 15s shutter time with synced flash for the click-release I pointed toward a frozen waterfall, then covered the lens and reopened it after placing in front of the local lake, to expose the lst 4-5 secs.
The result is grungy, messed and dirty. And I kinda like it!

Undoubled exposure of mess

Only the second part of the exposure of mess in normal conditions. Colours are kinda off, but so was the light.


One thing I love to do is to roam the cities without a certain end-location. I used to do so during the university time, at least twice a semester I lost myself in Milan, and came across some of the most hidden parts of it. Now that I don’t have anymore such possibility (a man has got to do what a man has got to do) I discovered photography, and moreover I could carry this baby black to fix these places and what they recall me. This particular place is in front of an orthodox church, a beautiful contrast emerges during the mass celebrations (mass or the name for which they intend a mass) with people standing still even outside the front door due to the ilmited dimensions of the building and others standing there drinking and generally shouting.Two faces of the same city, like this old construction now filled by a modern wall, on which a sicko face observes and probably smiles at these contrasts.


Scighera is the Milan’s term for which people calls the heavy fog “which can be cut with knives”. During this season it is common, and scenes like this are frequent; here inside Sforza castle you could feel like in a dream, with the city outside the walls disappearing, leaving you in this castles suspended withing the clouds.


Openings in the fog reveal shy sunrays, giving back colour to the city.

Finally Christmas is approaching, and vacation will come along, with some more time to shoot too!




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