Icy Mickey

After a blasting 20-something days of silence, there’s so much to catch up.

First of all, I must tell you that this delay is due to the uprising wedding photography project, which already has its own website (under construction) and will be ready to roll in march. I know you were all missing me, but now you get the main reason behind the absence.

We left with the daily trip to hikey mountey, from which it was possible to observe a nearby lake completely frozen, it was a huge chance to see something strange and make some esperiments with that environment.

Morning chill

We arrived as the sun was still on its way to fully rise, experiencing all the best conditions for shooting; but someone was so excited about the lake that we have been literally dragged to the icy ground.


But it wasn’t only Crumb the one dragging for some ice steppin’.

Qualis dominus, talis canem

One of the best things about the frozen lake is to see the frozen sprouts of the shore emerging from their solid coat.


The pattern of frozen branches caged in cold was so beautiful I thought about getting a drone for an aerial shot, but lilì Crumb didn’t want to leave, so I had to figure out a more classical way of shooting aerial: tiptoeing.

Caged branches

As the sun rose over the valley it brightened up the ice like a permanent flash, making it uneasy to have enjoyable shoots, and teaching me to carry a polarizer for future wanderings.


Fast forward to some days after, we’re in Milan, always wandering and in the process of digesting some sweet (‘n tricky) crude fish.

One of the things I love doing is to just lose myself in a city and get along with the flow of all the intricated streets ; could it be a sport I might open a gym.
The reason why I have this special love, is because by losing yourself, you may not only discover forgotten places, it is also possible to find yourself again and unexpectedly. In a graffiti, a statue covered with moss, or just in a passing smell coming from the inside of a slightly opened window. The city becomes a playground and you meet again your chidish self, playing in a huge park. The city is a novel (“WASSUP” alert) said a great photographer, and truly is, the coool thing is that this novel may also be your novel.

Street Crumb

For those intrested, we eventually got to San Nazaro Basilica , which is behind one of Milan’s universities. Here the influence of left-partied committiees is evidenced by the graffiti covering one of their meetups.

Bicycle and Partisan’d Graffiti

Finding yourself is one point on the map, but asking the real questions is the next one.

Askey Mickey

Stay tuned!


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