Parks and lamps

In the past weeks the first sprouts of spring and oldness brought beautiful days of clear skiy, and a saddening business trip. (The cover picture is best on desktops)

The process of creating these content has become a bit heavier than it was some months before, the joint of the most exciting job in the World and of the sleepless night spent mumbling on the higher meanings of life are creating a harsh environment for ideas to spark. But thank God I still have weekends.

On the first week that looked like a taste of spring it came natural to drive to the huge park of Monza and get lost for a bit. The park is so big that city-sounds are totally absorbed by the outer vegetation, opening great escapes from the urban stresses right at their core.

Fading winter

This picture was the first one I took with a springy mood, this being the first reason for me to love it; the second one is the progressive fading of fallen leaves going from the left side of the frame to the right one.

Toward winter

6X17 is a format I love from the bottom of my heart, and with these open spaces and regular “geometries” it was mandatory for me to experiment something. The first result is the above picture, which is also a very meaningful picture for me.
The two gramps are heading together toward the left side of the frame, where the forest intensifies and sheds its shadows on the path. A subtle meaning is the representation of the flowing life which tends from the lighter and “smaller” side of the frame (notice the smaller trees, with lit and poorer grass) to the righter one (taller trees, bigger branches, enriched grass with more color).

There was also a further consideration but man, that was pretty dark and it’s better to save you from that one!


This huge chair and table just sits in a corner of the park. You may get confused by its size, but try to see it on the same plane of the bigger trees on the right.
The sculpture work of art  furniture is called “Lo scrittore” (the writer), with its 10m of height the chair is quite uncomfortable, leaving your legs dangling in the void, also reaching for your breakfast on the 4×11 meters of table is enough to let your tea get cold during winter, not talking about the amount of snow you have to take down during january.


Almost-spring is the time of the year when sunsets are stretching at dinner time, and the light is golden for some minutes more. In these moments not falling in love with the beauty of nature is a crime against it.


Discovering back spring time and the color of the sky above the gray wintery clouds opened the space for some more exercises with 6X17. This is my view of the town from home, it is what I have been staring at during my whole life while I was at my desk, on eof the pictures you could draw with your pure toughts and for which every tile or bricks tells you a very unique story.

You were getting sentimental, weren’t you danny boy? To bring ourselves back from the moon the exciting job made me go on tour at a fiery and clorful factory of northern Italy. While I had some spare time during evening at my hotel room I decided to do some photographic workout trying to use the room as a gym.

Here the bed became a story, which speaks of solitude and patient wait, a story told by a clean and tight bed, with night clothing on the middle to describe the feeling of solitude in a wide space like it is sleeping in a twin bed alone. The lamps are enlighting the corners of the 6X17 frame and the phone is highlighted, as the focus of the whole scene is carried away, to distant places where only an electrically carried voice can reach.


Lamps were the second exercisers, studying them from different angles and with different compositions. Given the depressed-like start of the training, the feeling was almost the same; but the scoe is storytelling, and sad stories are as good as happier ones.

Lamp 16X9
Lamp 1X1
Lamp 6X17

Composition, geometry, weight in the frame and colors were the main topics of this self-driven exercise.

This new timesheet is forcing me to carry the camera in every movement I make, and this is letting me discover new ways to tell my stories and new ways of speaking through photography.

Hoping you had a good read, but mostly hoping you got the massage of this exercise for what it was, I’ll catch back with you very soon!




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