Eyes on the road

Wandering through the ligurian alps, between cats and seagulls we ended up in a well-hided treasure.

That’s not clickbaiting but a very brief summary of a small adventure in which I stumbled upon.

It’s not really something you find without having real intention, since you really have to wake up before dawn and drive for two and more hours, but what I (and my belonged model) discovered was quite a funny adventure, way more climbier than what we were expecting.

The abbey of San Fruttuoso has always been a fixation  for me(the translation for “cruccio” is quite difficult, but give to this sentence a more playful reading rather than a psycotic one, please), and due to my enormous love for Recco’s focaccia® the first days of spring were the perfect days to make a trip (and inaugurate the sea-swimming season).

Parking was the worst aprt of the adventure, but we managed to find a good spot right behind the beginning of the trail, the only issue was the tight spot so we had to get out from the trunk, an original way to stretch up.
On the first  steps of the walk we have been greeted by some locals, they weren’t really speechy, but it was clear for us that their main intrest was in our backed up sandwiches.

Welcoming committee

We followed the coasal route, which is the one marked with two red dots one by the other. It was basically a game of finding faces among the woods.

Grumpy markings

Some of the faces were so funny it was mandatory to take a picture of them; others were like representations of the trees on which they were marked, and it really felt like they knew what was going on around them.

Eyes on the road I

This game of faces was even more important during the last part of the trek, when it was becoming harder and harder to walk; finding some relief in a hidden face was a nice way to trick the mind and the legs.

Eyes on the road II

We approached the bay on the downhill, chilling and realizing for real the beauty of nature we were surrounded by.


Here, again, a welcoming committee was waiting for us and for our now melted sandwiches. And we said “Seagull, hmpf, stop it now!

Seagulls (in case you didn’t get it)

Get to the point, Danny boy, the abbey was just magnificent.

I had only the compact with its 23mm, so to capture the church an additional trak was needed.

San Fruttuoso I

Chilling, rockin’ and rolling I opened the season of sea swimming, by throwing myself in the cold water. It was my 26th birthday, and felt like borning again.

San Fruttuoso II

After a considerable amount of napping by the sea we went back to Camogli, but this time with a ferry in order to catch the bay in a single frame.
(Thanks to the assistant for this picture).

San Fruttuoso III

Camogli is just amazing. Beside being beautiful, it’s very close to Recco and thus it has the same amazing focaccia to restore the lost energy.


We ended by driving again for two and more hours back home, but this time it really felt like I was leaving something behind. Maybe just some fatigue and stress sweated during the trek, or some saudade of the university days, or maybe I was just realizing that 26 is closer to 30 than to 20.

Whatever it was, it has been a positive spark, and guess what? I have just returned from another wander.

This time it was on the opposite coast, in Venice.
Stay tuned!


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