5 Terre & 1000 steps- Part 1

Mountains and sea squeezed together with narrow alleys; and steps, hundreds of them.

I have the luck of being kinda related to a very talentuous photographer, Marco Introini, who recently decided to explore the field for photographic workshops and general mentoring for photography. In his idea of scouting the business, he decided to offer a free-of-charge workshop to some acquainted friends and I had the luck of being one of those.
An incredible luck, since the field was the amazing Cinque Terre.

We scatteredly departured from various locations around nothern Italy and gathered nearby Parma, to have the last hour and half of driving together. Reaching Monterosso al mare –which worked pretty well as a comfy retreat– is not so easy by car since the area around the shore is literally carved onto rocky mountains covered by mediterrean vegetation.

We won’t go in chronological order, since I am having some issues in the processing of the most complicated pictures.

Castle of Vernazza I
Castle of Vernazza II

There is some real struggle in these pictures, and I fell like this are just half-done. Wish I could have added more geometrical contrast, having the chance of giving more impact from the difference of the gentle bent of the seagull and the harsh one of the rocks.


We should really take a break from this B&W sequence.


That was pure pun, sorry for that.

The following is a very hard picture: while we were having our last hours in Portovenere I wanted to capture the strong contrast between the beautiful landscape and the sprouting concrete. Walking around we met this unfinished building with the graffiti saying “raped landscape”. That came as a gift and I tried to do him justice.

DSCF8102 -6
Raped landscape

Now, something more relaxed to bleach your eyes.

Sailor’s solitude

the following young girls were coming back from a trip with their grandpa, the genuinity of this moment was beautiful.

Kids by the sea
5:50 pm

While shooting this picture, a fellow photographer told me I could have asked him for the time without having to shoot a picture for knowing it.
Was 5:50 pm by the way.

Above all, the delay in these latest posts is due to the dying pc. Working on these projects is becoming day by day more frustrating, to start Lightroom it’s taking me from 3 to 5 minutes, just for the start, and exporting a .jpg is always in the range of a minute. Considering the recent events an investment could be needed.

So rejoice with this update, since it could really be the last one made on my beloved hp, which served me in the most harsh environments (BsC and MsC) and is now moving towards its much deserved retirement.

Keep an eye open, the second part of this amazing adventure is closing by, as well as some new ones!

Ah, and remember about the wedding photography project I spoke of some weeks ago?
We’re live!
(Still some tweaks to fix, but the heavier part is done)

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