Interlude – New old neighbors

As the new flagship destroyer has been delayed by a week, I have to entertain you with at least a small interlude. This time featuring a cousin of our beloved peeking Tom.

One of the pleasures of living in a flat (and not at the floor level) is that of having one of the best views on the alps during after-storm days. As it was the case last sunday, we were having a pale blue sky without a single cloud, giving the chance of looking at the whitewashed cliffs of the highest peaks in the arc.

Familiar mountains
(left to right: Grigna settentrionale, Grigna meridionale, Pizzo dei tre signori)

In that lazy morning (one of the best aficionados of this thing came home for some wine the day before) I was just snoring while having breakfast, when a sudden cheeping woke me up.
And there he was.

Cheeping Ron

Cheeping Ron, the bleached cousin of Peeping Tom came here for his spring break on delay. Honestly he may have chosen the worst week of the season since after this only day of sun we are now back with flash storms and quite cool temperatures.

Cheeping Ron – Chilling

Beside this brief delirium, the thing is that photography gives you the instruments of looking at the world with new eyes every time.
This view is just the same view I have been used to since I was a child, but now, with just a random bird chilling on the antenna of our neighbors, it felt like a new perspective, a new scene. Even if it has always been there, it was re-born as a new one; and all it took was just to have the right approach/mind set/eyes.

Today I went to Turin for an event on behalf of my company, since I don’t have a peculiar love for traffic jams the car was already hitting the road at 6 am. The special thing with this time of the day is that the weather may change very quickly, and so it happened. The cloudy sky cleared on the horizon on the highway, leaving the alps naked in the morning light. Seeing the whitened cliffs in this season is very rare, adding more enthusiasm to this view.

Dawn from the highway
(No real-cameras were harmed in the making of this picture, just a simple phone)

Hoping this will be the last update with the current rusty pc, I can’t wait to catch back with the remaining thousand steps!


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