The fool

Tu prova ad avere un mondo nel cuore
(Try to have a world in your heart)
e non riesci ad esprimerlo con le parole,
(not being able to express it with words)
e la luce del giorno si divide la piazza
(while the daylight is splitting up the square)
tra un villaggio che ride e te,
(between the laughing town and you)
lo scemo, che passa
(the dumb, passing by)

Folks, I bet you would love to know about the great thing that stumbled up in my head lately, that’s going to be The turning point.

For now I will just try to keep it low profile and constantly work on it while regularly keeping this sort of diary alive and rocking. But the first outcomes are seriously satisfying, and keeping the mouth totally shout is very hard.
In order:

  • I (we) have been charged by a group of horses;
  • Packed up enough wind and cold for the next some-months;
  • Socialized with a horse (not one from the charging ones);
  • Found out how creepy sheeps are in the dark;
  • Acknowledged again that “Milan l’è semper on gran Milan”


Houses on the hill
Fa-neighly dinner
Milan, from above
Aperitif on the rocks
Last breeze

This was just a quick review on the contours of this lil’ expedition, which was motivated only by the unt for a single photograph; which, of course, has not been published here.

What’s next?
Big news!


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