Rise and fly

Vacations! I mean, finally some time to work

Almost a month has passed from the last update, sorry for that gap but the last days of work were kinda full and it’s very hard to be creative with a melted mind.

One of the greatest aficionados of this blog came home, and how rude could I have been not asking her to come along for a daily hike motivated by a sweet alpine meal at the foot of Northern Grigna?

Step by step (sole by sole-less) we took advantage of the morning breeze to reach Bietti-Buzzi hut walking our way among the trail surrounded by the majestic view of the full alpine range, stretching from the near Larian ones, to the french and almost ligurian ones.

Monte Rosa

Heights make it easy to isolate subjects, wich in the summer heat is always nice to evade from tourists crowds.

Lone cruiser

Home again, it was time for the annual green parrots photohunting, which this year came easier due to their greediness of figs growing in my neighbor’s garden.

Lovers at first beak
Hangin’ parrot

I came to the idea of trying to capture the movement of these parrots from this small gif, which wasn’t satisfying enough due to the bad looping and the lack of real movement being expressed. So, it was finally time to test some 2.5D parallax with photoshop.

As the first result turned out very nice (being a first attempt), why not to extend the technique also to earlier shoots?

This shot gives me chill every time I look at it, that peaceful and wild nature, silences only interrupted by animals, rain, rivers and falls. It is really a constant Vatnajökull dreaming.

Stay tuned!


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