Three helmets, six skis and a gully

Repetita iuvant, as some folks said in the past. But repeating with snow is even better.

Since more than a month I was planning an amazing adventure up to the Pizzo Stella aiming to skii it up and down with some friends. Closing on the day the weather conditios made it unfeasible due to avalanche warnings, strong winds and heavy cloud formations, so we had no other choice but to give up with the planned tour and had to rearrange the day in some not-so-easy weather conditions.

On the friday night we opted for a closer and “classic” route on the Resegone mountain, a low peak of the alpine foothills characterized by its saw-like ridges from which its name comes from (resegón in local dialect means big saw). Its height and orientations make it difficult to find the right conditions for skiing it, a snowy season is required as well as cold days and possibly non direct sunlight (warm snow is unexpectedly dangerous).

I did this peak only once before during summer, so seeing the trail with a different perspective and brightened colors made the deal. Skin, pack and it was already dawn.

The road, which puts a strain on the tightness of the stomach in the early hours, is a continuous succession of bends that wind for at least three quarters of an hour from the exit of the nearest highway. Once reached an helipad, we left the car to put on our train of laminae and skins.

We left while some snowflakes were still descending, and fortunately the clouds remained much higher than the top, firmly looking at our moves along the slopes.


The first part of the route winds through a forest of birches (?) gifting temporary frames, difficult to capture if not planning (and hoping) to guess the alignment of the incoming trunks.


At the first fork the road rises by altitude and slope, the low clouds of the previous evening dampened this stretch of trail, and the skins struggled to hold the grip on the steepest valleys, the result is a comical sequence of improbable reverses, solved only by breaking the slope or putting the skis on the shoulders and continuing on foot (choice that also decreases the fatigue of the climb).


Closing to the summit, we saw from below the shelter embedded in the spiers, clouds of passage hide and reveal at times the metallic cross placed at few meters from the hut.


We reach it by always keeping skis on our feet, bending us among improbable oblique games on the increasingly harsh slope of the last stretch.




After the usual photos and hugs for the success we turned down to the shelte where we found a young couple managing the structure, a father with his son (not older than ten years), a group of retired skiers and some lone wolve.

A quick beer and we are back with skis, ready to face the descent along a route slightly different from that of the climb, through a gully!

In the upcoming weekend a certain repetition is scheduled … I hope you’ll see some amazing things!





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