To rise and fall, and rise again

So many days have passed since the last update on these pages, and I know some of you have probably thought I died in some mountains or so, but I’m still kickin’ on the road trying to emerge from the huge amount of things falling on me.

As a recent news, something big will happen in June, I’m moving to a new house that I’ve just bought with the omnipresent sweet model, and on top of that some side-projects started kicking in the PhD I’m taking, while still working at the company. So as soon as there’s enought time to breath after all these things, boom! It’s november.

I left you introducing a raw-ending for the northern trip, and I really don’t want to disappoing anyone so despite the short time I gathered to write this piece, you’ll get to have all the photographs I was originally willing to show.

After the first days of snow and trmendous storms, we got to find a steady rhythm of beautiful sunrises, cloudy afternoons and stormy evenings. In these shortened days we had the chance to get out in some fjords to hunt sea eagles, puffins, whales and adventures.




Cruising through the alley we found some steep terrains also in man-made objects, probably the steepness of these amazing mountains is permeating in the culture.


In the deepest lands of nothings and mosses we also encountered some small locals, a flock of mooses on the sideroad showed up from the forest and once they saw us their group splitted in two.
The last part of them walked cautiously through a patch of moss, try to figure a car-sized beast, with legs as high as a meter and half, walking slowly on a rubbery strip of land, swollend by the recent rainfalls.


After this brief encounter we headed toward Bleik where the last colonies of puffins were departuring from Bleiksøya toward their wilder life.
Puffins meet only during the breeding seasons, and are loyal to their first partner. Each year they meet again in their nests after living their own life away one from another.




Their migration was already happening in the week of our arrival, but we were lucky enough to spot the last few of them, even if they were initially very sneaky.




Their natural predator is the sea eagle and it’s easy to figure out why, just by waiting for puffins to head back is enough to grant an easy snack. This eagle was just waiting for her meal to come out from the oven burrow.



The last sunray of the day fell on a previously foggy Bleik, showing the hidden and shy beauty of these harsh places.


In our last days we headed back among the coast line on the northern shores, the wilder part of the region.



We decided to spend the last night in the same shore of our first one, we had a sunny memory of the place and wanted to preserve it but heavy storms came again and we had to cook our last dinner inside the van, still eating it on the driving seats as done in the previous week.
After the storms a double rainbow enlightened the beach and the few surfers that decided to stay in the cold waters despite the even-colder rain.


On the next day we started our journey back home, with buses, ferries, walks and hitchhikes. Coming home was a trauma as always, but a newer beginning was waiting for us.

The alpinism course that brought me to the top of the mountain rose ended successfully, and the first fruits are already sprouting. In recent weeks together with other students, we decided to get baptized in the first independent climbing trip, the result was a new drug for the less and less time available







What’s next?
Efforts, pain, fatigue but hopefully also great times and even wilder stories to be told.

Stay tuned!



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